JB's Hints

How To Copy and Paste:
1. Highlight the text that you wish to manipulate. This is done by left clicking on the text and dragging the cursor until all the desired text is highlighted(turned blue)

2. 1st Method:
Press Ctrl and touch “c”. Your desired text is now saved in the clipboard.
Click on a location where you want this text to appear ie. A new E-mail page, a new page in Wordpad, etc.
Press Ctrl and touch “v”. Voila! Your text has been moved into a new location.

3. 2nd Method:
After highlighting, right click on highlighted area and choose Copy. Then click on the new location where you want the text to appear and right click and choose Paste. Voila!

4. 3rd Method:
After highlighting, click on Edit in your browser and choose Copy. Then click on the new location and click on Edit again and choose Paste.

Protocol for Forwardings:
Have you ever received Forwards in stacks of 2, 3, or 4 layers deep with all the recipients' names for each layer? Isn't this a drag?? Let alone a loss of privacy for each of the names shown. Are you guilty of adding to this?

There must be a better way of doing the Forwards without this mess of addresses and its concomitant dangers.

Here are some ideas that I humbly suggest would alleviate this problem:

1. Send your originals to your own address and place all the names of the recipients in the BCC (blind carbon copy) slot in your letter.

2. If you wish to forward something press Forward. A new page will come up. Then you are able to delete all the previous addresses. You can do this with the back spacer or you could highlight all the addresses and press Delete. This will present a neater message for your recipients. You can then follow suggestion #1 to prevent the publishing of all the recipients' names.

3. With the danger of receiving viruses through Attachments many of your messages are being deleted without risking opening the attachments. This is especially true for those Forwards with absolutely nothing in the body of the e-mails. To improve the chances that your attachment will be opened write something personal in the body of the message, please.

You could also try to eliminate the use of attachments, by using Copy and Paste to a document in your hard drive or directly to your new message.

How to Put Scrolling and Animation into E-mails (for use with Outlook Express)

1. Open a New Mail. Click on View . Click on Source Edit.

2. Click on “Source“ tab at the bottom bar of the New Message form.

3. Erase the HTML that is shown in the text area. (Use the backspace bar on your keyboard or the delete key)

4. Type in your HTML code.(See below). You can toggle between “Source” and “Preview” until you have achieved your desired effects.

5. You can then click on the “Edit” tab.
Code(s) for line 4 in the above directions: <html> <body><font size=6><font color=red><marquee behavior=scroll direction=left>… your message…</marquee></font></html> … your message…
(You can vary these parameters: Use different numbers for font size Use different colors for font color. Try different scroll directions.ie. right or down or up. Be creative in the” your message” area)

6.Click on “Insert” at the top of your New Message form

7. Choose “Picture”

8. Find a picture from your files:( look for jpeg’s or gif’s)

9. Load the picture to the e-mail message.
How to Send an e-mail

1. Click on Outlook Express
2. Click New Mail( in top left corner of Outlook Express)
3. You should get a New Message Form.
4. Click To: and you’ll get Select Recipients Form
5. Find the name you want by scrolling down the list.
6. Click on the name you want. It should turn blue (highlighted)
7. Click To: in the Message Recipients section. Your addressee’s name should then appear in the box.
8. Click OK button.
9. Back on the New Message Form you can fill in the subject.
10. Go to the body part of the New Message Form and type your letter.
11. When you’re finished your letter Click Send
12. The Spell Checker then comes on to check your spelling.
13. Then Norton Anti-Virus comes on to check for viruses in your letter.
14. You can check the contents of the Sent Items box to see if your letter is gone. After that:
15. Click on Inbox. Then close OutLook Express by clicking on the X tab in the top right corner of the window.